Oakville Real Estate Lawyer. Dedicated. Thorough. Efficient. 

At Arra Law Firm we are passionate about real estate law. We will efficiently provide you with comprehensive, meticulous and dependable legal advice to protect your rights, money and assets and ensure your transaction is a solid investment. We have also teamed up with top-notch real estate agents and mortgage brokers who can assist you through the various stages of your residential or commercial real estate transaction.

We understand real estate transactions are particularly time sensitive. We will work promptly and professionally with all parties to the transaction while at the same time ensuring we are easily accessible so your closing goes smoothly. In addition, our adoption of modern and efficient practice management tools allows us to offer you the most value out of our legal services.


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We handle the following real estate law matters:

  • Purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties

  • Mortgage refinancing

  • Title insurance claims

  • Vacant land acquisition

  • Transactions involving farms

  • Expropriation claims

  • Foreclosures and power of sale proceedings

  • Landlord and tenant 


Whether you are buyer, seller, a real estate agent or someone looking for mortgage refinancing, get in touch with our office today and inquire about our reasonable closing packages.